Saturday, November 21, 2009


We're trying an experiment - we're going to try adding Google ads to our blog and see what happens.

Now, before you pass judgment on the ads, hear us out. For quite a while Steve and I have wanted to support SPOON, a really cool organization that provides vitamins and other nutritional needs for orphans in Kazakhstan. So if the ads on this blog generate any revenue, we will donate it all to SPOON.

We'll probably have to play around with ad formats and sizes for a while, so please bear with us - we hope that we can repay your patience by regaling you with amusing stories of our children's antics accompanied by adorable photos. We think it's a fair trade :)

If the ads gain any traction, we'll keep you posted on the amount that this blog is donating to needy orphans in Kaz. And if they get annoying (the ads, not the orphans!), we'll call the experiment complete, pull the ads, and move on. But if we don't try, we'll never know!


Anonymous said...

One more reason to visit your blog, which I really enjoy. Great idea, A PAP

Caroline said...

The ad for KIVA is an organization we already support so if they're along this line I'm all for it!

Julie said...

Great idea!

Lou Ann said...


Spoon is a great orginization!Can you let me know how you got the ad for charity not just adsense? The founders are from Seattle so Lexie & I went to their get together earlier this year. I'd like to support them as well.

Happy Turkey Day,
Lou Ann & Lexie

Jstar said...

Actually, Lou Ann, it was just putting up public service ads while our AdSense account was waiting for approval. Paid ads should be showing now, so we'll see how it goes!

Marcia said...

We decided that adult siblings don't need, want, or appreciate a $20 gift card - so we gave $40 to Spoon in the names of Peter and Lori Jo and Donna and Tom.


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