Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ponytail Gang

For a few days there it looked like Sam was actually going to let me cut his hair - he decided he had finally had enough of the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth every morning when I brush his hair. Then Daddy pointed out that his hair is getting long enough for a ponytail and now I can kiss that haircut goodbye!

If he would acquiesce to a girly ponytail, I think that his hair would actually stay back, but since guys have to wear their ponytails at the nape of the neck rather than the ever-so-perky back of their heads he still has another inch or so to go before it will really stay back all day. These unwritten rules about proper ponytail placement seem a bit overly-complicated to me, but I am not strong enough to fight them on my own. Moms of boys with ridiculously long hair, perhaps some day we can band together to fight this injustice. But living in Utah I'm guessing that it may be difficult to find others to carry the banner with me.

And I know that you don't really need two photos of my son with a ponytail in this post, but I was so struck by these photos - Sam looks like a miniature little Stevelet in the first, and in the second photo he could be me at 8 years of age. It's crazy!

I'm not sure exactly what the story is with this picture, but apparently Ben's hair is also now long enough for a ponytail, albeit a sumo-tastic one. He doesn't look too thrilled about the look, perhaps I can talk Ben into a haircut. And if not, there's a certain poetry to the fact that soon Sash and I will have the shortest hair in the family.


Hewitts4Him said...

Thanks for a great laugh. Your family is so great and I have to think that Chad is a bit jealous!

Lou Ann said...

You have the cutest ponytail gang on record. With Lexie's ever increasing long locks I have a hard time keeping it out of her face. One thing that might help is the newest kind of pony tail holders - the "No-Slip" bands. They actually work and even on Sasha's fine hair, as long as it's tight enough to start, it should stay in all day. I'm amazed that Lexie actually returns from pre-school looking somewhat like a child and not a hairy ape!

Ain't life grand - Lou Ann & Lexie

The Fox Den said...

The pics of Sam are stunning! I can definately see you in the second one. Very fun.

Smith Fam said...

What about braids? What are the rules when it comes to those? I'm so confused, having had only girls...

Jstar said...

Rich, I'm glad you asked because it is rather confusing. Braids are ok if they are biker-type braids (low ponytail braided) but certainly french braids, braided pigtails, etc are out :)


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