Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ben and Sam Climbing a Tree

[precisely as dictated by Ben]
Have you noticed that Ben has been working on his big boy skills? But - he has a new skill: climbing trees! They're The Climbing Tree Brothers!

Here are directions for the tree in our front yard. Every tree in the world should have a strategy and this is this tree's strategy:

Step 1: Grabbing the two branches

Step 2: Putting your feet on the tree

Step 3: Getting your foot around

Step 4: Climbing onto the branch

Step 5: Getting on the tree!

That's all for today's post, folks!

ps - This is from The Climbing Tree Brothers

[As we were talking about the finer points of dictation after this post was completed, Steve remarked that Ben didn't actually do all of the work since Mommy did the typing. With his usual style, Sam remarked, "That's how all the billionaires do it! Except that they pay the person." I guess I should be transcribing for someone who makes more than $6 per week]


Smith Fam said...

Nicely done, Ben (and transcriber). I totally feel like I could go climb a tree now. I won't, but I could.

Thanks for clearly and concisely instructing a clueless old guy in the necessary skills. Photo illustrations was a genius idea.

~Pastor Rich

Jstar said...

From Ben: But that's instructions for the tree in our front yard. Find your own strategy on all different trees!


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