Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Granite Flat - A "Hike"

Once upon a time we used to hike - really hike. I remember this, and I don't think I'm manufacturing the memory. Now we consider a 2 mile round-trip walk, including multiple granola bar stops, a hike. This is fortunate, since without the granola bar stops I would be in danger of burning more calories than I consume, which would clearly be unacceptable.

Our weekend in American Fork Canyon included one such "hike" which, though short, was lovely - and not just because I had these three beautiful faces to keep me company!

I have to admit that although the scenery was perfect and the company fantastic, my favorite part of the hike was Sam's extraordinary outfit. Here he is, doing the robot dance in his brand new "If I were a robot I would brakedance all the time" shirt from woot, complete with striped hiking socks and ridiculously long zip-off pants. Oh, and if you're wondering about the little Scottish-looking bag at his waist, that's the special pouch made when the legs from his zip-off pants are tucked into their pocket and snapped to the belt loops. I think it really completes the ensemble. I'm giggling looking at the photo even now - I love my brimming-over-with-personality children.

This was Chorney's first long walk and we were all very impressed with her stamina and behavior. I expected to need to carry her at least part of the way, but her puppy legs did us proud and I only carried her for the last little bit of the longer loop that Sarah and I did - even at 12 weeks she out-hikes our kids by far! Watching Chorney and Ben repeatedly run ahead of the group and then turning a bend to find them sitting there in the path waiting for us is definitely a contender for the cutest scene ever.

It was a great campout - Sasha did wonderfully, we toasted some killer marshmallows, we got to spend some quality time with Aunt Sarah, and we even burned a (very) few calories. What a perfect way to introduce Sasha to the fun of Utah's great outdoors!

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Tracy said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful adventure. You two are such cool/brave parents! I would vote you as parents of the year... let me know if you ever run!

Glad Ben is ok and did not get burned in the fleece incident. Yikes. I would have been freaking out.

Love the You wake her you pay... I will have to try that out.


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