Friday, August 21, 2009

Sasha's Slideshow Hobby

We all need hobbies, and Sasha's new obsession is watching iPhoto slideshows on the Mac. It combines all of her favorite things - pictures of herself, dogs, and chickens all set to music. Magic.

Unfortunately, she figured out that the spacebar pauses the slideshow and music, so in the ever-endearing toddler way she now exerts her control over the slideshow repeatedly and in rapid succession, making it less-than-fun to listen to while, say, preparing dinner. But I shouldn't complain, the slideshow gives us a few minutes in the kitchen with two hands - miraculous! God bless you, iPhoto.

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Susan said...

so cute! we don't have a mac, but leeza LOVES to watch pics and videos of her on my laptop and read her blog..HOWEVER...she has ripped 2 keys off my laptop keyboard...she is lightening just be careful. :)

For dinner prep-Sesame Street works like a charm. :)


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