Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Almost Peach Season

Hooray and huzzah, it's almost peach season again! Long-time readers who file away inane Morningstar Family facts will remember that last summer was the first productive season for our saturn peach tree and we are enthusiastically looking forward to more just-picked peaches, peach cobbler, peach jam, and peach sharing with friends.

We picked our first round of peaches the other day to make a peach crumble made with our special recipe - sliced peaches plus a double recipe of strusel on top. Peaches, butter, and brown sugar... what more do you need? The peaches weren't quite ready, so we only harvested the ones that the birds had already pecked at plus a couple for our toddlers (the two- and four-legged ones). But that small taste makes me impatient for the ripening of the rest of those peaches!

Both Sasha and Chorney gave their overwhelming approval to their early-season peaches. It's gratifying to finally have a kid who enjoys the fruit that comes from our yard!

Give it a few more days and then feel free to drop by for a bag of freshly picked saturn peaches!


Jennifer M said...

Mmmm... Yum! You are right- peaches, butter, brown sugar, and dare I say a dram of fresh cream... I'm drooling.

Smith Fam said...

The Smiths can hardly wait! We can only hope they achieve the heights of taste splendor to which last year's peaches soared.


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