Monday, August 10, 2009

Granite Flat - Sasha's First S'more

This weekend we took Sasha on her first proper campout. I know, it's almost too shocking to believe that she's been a Morningstar for almost six months and only just went camping for the first time (Creation doesn't count, that was parking among tents in a field)... my only defense is that it's been a busy few months.

At least she had a fitting and beautiful Utah setting for her first camping excursion - Granite Flat up in American Fork Canyon, one of our absolute favorite campgrounds. Sasha took to camping with her usual aplomb, which can be attributed in equal parts to her adventurous spirit and the prevalence of marshmallows.

We have far too many adorable photos for a single blog post, so you can look forward to several Granite Flat posts over the coming days. Today's post opens the series with the most important of topics - the campfire.

Sam channeled his inner boyscout this trip and took the lead on fire creation. Admittedly, it took a few attempts, but we ended up with a world-class fire. This is fortunate since Saturday's high was a mere 74 degrees in the valley, leaving us with some chilly temps up in the mountains. You'll note that this did not dissuade our children from dressing in shorts and t-shirts.

Sam was very proud of his campfire and he's still regaling us with his fond memories of his first fire ("Do you remembered that fire on Saturday night? That was a really good fire. I can't believe that was my first campfire").

The only downside to having such a high-quality fire was that, when we finally convinced Ben to don a fleece, a flying coal promptly burned a giant hole in it. Not to worry, thanks to Aunt Sarah's quick reflexes no child was burned in the melting of the fleece. There was a bit of a panic because Ben kept trying to pull the fleece over his head while the neck was still zipped up, but he eventually emerged unscathed.

Have I mentioned lately that our children are never boring?


jody said...

sounds like a typical, and fun!, camping trip to me--we always seem to have memories of people bleeding, or throwing up, or falling, etc for all our trips, weird though, we keep doing it.....

Lou Ann said...

Did you say your KIDS aren't boring Jamie? I'm think Mom & Dad lead the pack!) I always enjoy following your adventures. Maybe Lexie & I will go camping this that's a funny image!

Keep the good time coming!
Lou Ann & Lexie too


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