Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Friends

Chorney and Sasha continue to grow into the best of friends, despite the fact that they both love each other a bit too aggressively for my delicate Mommy sensibilities. Sasha has proven repeatedly that Chorney's head is not squishable (I'm grateful for the outcome, but not necessarily the experiment), and Chorney's needle-like puppy teeth and claws have yet to actually scar Sasha as they play.

It's surprisingly interesting to note the marked similarities between parenting a toddler and training a puppy - both take a lot of reinforcement and repetition to learn the concept of "gentle," both have an unhealthy interest in poo, both claim and consume any food they happen to see lying around (especially if it's unguarded), both are delightful to cuddle with as long as they're in a cuddling mood. Only one is close to being housebroken, though... but at least the unreliable one wears diapers.


Selena said...

WOW! That's adorable. Is it just me, or is Sasha growing just as fast as Chorney?

Jstar said...

Totally - I swear I come home every day and think, "are your legs two inches longer than they were when I left this morning?"

Jennifer M said...

This made me smile. Love the picture!

E said...

Is it time yet to swap out crates? We have a next size up, if you want to borrow.

Jstar said...

Thanks, E, we'll need to give you a call this week and arrange a puppy play date!


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