Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's a Dead-Eye

Ben is a really extraordinary big brother. It has been beautiful to witness the love and care he's lavished on his little sister over the past six months, carrying her around like a really big rag doll, praising her accomplishments, and perfecting his sugary-sweet "who's the sweetest wittle giwl in the whole widest world?"

He also taught her many new "skills," the latest of these being sharpshooting. Fortunately she uses a little play shooting gallery gun, not the rubber band gun, so I don't think anyone will loose an eye... hopefully... maybe...

The show is hilarious - Sasha shoots Ben, Ben falls to the ground in agony, Sasha collapses in giggles, repeat. What a great big brother.

1 comment:

Butch and Tracy said...

That is wonderful... Doesn't it make you proud. Good job Ben!


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