Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Granite Flat - Around the Site

Granite Flat is one of the coolest campgrounds around - the sites are pretty secluded but easy to get into with level pads and lots of bathrooms. Of course, they're not the flushy-type bathrooms, but the kids didn't mind... in fact, they were oddly transfixed by the concept of pit toilets. I'll add that to the list of things that should probably make me worry about my children.

We planned this trip up American Fork Canyon back in June and were fortunate that the dates coincided with Aunt Sarah's visit. Sarah is a dear college friend from St. Mary's and Sam's Godmother, thus earning her the title "Aunt" (we're certainly not ones to withhold a title well-earned simply because of DNA!). Sarah comes out once or twice a year, which is definitely not enough but will probably have to suffice for now since she hasn't yet realized that she's destined to move to Utah. Don't worry, we'll keep working on that one; another decade or so and I think she'll be convinced.

The van was cozy with five plus a puppy and I definitely didn't get my hallowed Saturday morning sleep-in, but we all got decent rest and I only had to threaten the boys lives if they woke their sister up a few times. Actually, that's not true, after the first few games of "football" in the upper bunk (no, I have no idea how they played football up there, or whether or not they actually know how football is played, but that's what they said they were playing) I simply explained that I would put Sasha to bed the first time for free and after that they would need to pay me a week's allowance to put her down to sleep again if they woke her up. The football games promptly ended and everybody got a good night's sleep - thank you Parenting with Love and Logic.

ps - I managed to get this fabulous shot of Sasha loving on Chorney during the campout - it's simply not a real kiss unless their noses are squished painfully together. Both Sasha and Chorney emerged from the trip with the requisite two eyes and a nose (each), you'll be happy to know.

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