Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteor, right?

Hating a good night's sleep as we do, we decided to spend Tuesday night out in the backyard to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower. Well, four fifths of us spent the night in the backyard; we let Sasha enjoy the comfort of her bed since the odds that she would want to be roused at 2 am to watch falling stars seemed remote.

Once we got past the initial "we're actually going to sleep outside" excitement, which included yoga (Ben thought that sleeping on Mommy's yoga mat was pretty much the coolest thing ever), a chapter of The BFG, and several rounds of Ben getting up and Chorney stealing his pillow, the boys actually slept pretty well outside. Judging by the amount of effort it took to wake them up at 2 to watch the meteors, they slept very well outside.

We saw quite a few meteors, but our attempts to catch them with the camera were less-than-successful. Here's the best of the 80 million 30-second exposures we took - see that streaky thing in the bottom-right quadrant? That's a meteor!


Selena said...

That is impressive on so many levels. Sleeping outside, waking at 2 a.m., sleeping outside .... Can you tell I am more of an indoor girl?

Butch and Tracy said...

What wonderful parents you are. I like to camp, but in a tent at least....

How cool.. I could see the meteor in the picture...good shot.


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