Monday, August 3, 2009

Tea for Three!

It's finally happened - the first Morningstar three-sibling tea party! Sasha discovered the Disney Princess tea set from her baby shower and it was all over, the tea party was an absolute must. Fortunately, the boys were very amenable to the idea, so Sam, Ben, and Sash dined upon cheese crackers, goldfish, and water while Mommy joyfully snapped away on the camera. It's a day I've been looking forward to ever since we decided to adopt! And the Disney Princess folks planned the set well - it includes a blue and yellow place setting, so the boys didn't have to tousle over who had to use a pink teacup.

The tea party was a stunning success; I'm hoping for many more in the future. The boys mentioned that if we have additional guests at our next tea soiree we can break out the porcelain set that we painted for "Sestra" last year as well. Apparently they've inherited our knack for party planning :)

Here are a few more shots of our very genteel tea party:

Sasha hasn't quite gotten the hang of "cheers" yet - her version is still kinda violent
Ah, yes, now I see where Sasha learns her table "manners"
"Drinking my tea just like big brother showed me!"


Jessica and Chris said...

I absolutely love the "cheers" picture. That is exactly how Adler would do it!

Lou Ann said...


I haven't commented in a while but I've checked in whenever I get a minute and as usual you guys look like you're having a ball. And the tea parties what fun they are. I am seriously thinking I need to get Lexie a real prince instead of the pretend ones she dances with and has tea parties with know the drill.

Lou Ann & Princess Lexie Lou

The Fox Den said...

I love her "violent" cheers. They are to darn cute!!

Joby and Marla said...

At least Sasha can use the excuse that she learned everything from her big brothers. They are so cool & good sports also!!!!


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