Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barrette Training

Before we dive into the fun of Sasha in barrettes, let's all take a minute to gaze in wonder at Sasha's fantastic flowered pants. These pants are definitely in the running for "coolest pants of all time," although the boys had a pair of striped pants when they were toddlers that are definitely still in the running for the cool pants prize.

Steve thinks I'm insane with all of this, by the way. He now doesn't even try to dress Sasha on Saturday and Sunday mornings because he knows that I'll just dress her again - which is probably true, but never because he did a bad job the first time, just because it's so gosh darn fun!

Anyway, this particular Saturday was cool, so I seized the opportunity to dress Sasha in her adorable flower pants and then I decided it was time to start barrette training. I dug around in her drawer and pulled out a few colorful barrette options, so of course Sasha then had to climb on her bed to dig around in her drawer to pull out all of the rest of her colorful barrette options. That's ok, I respect a girl's need to choose her own hair adornment.

After going through the cycle of Mommy putting the barrette in Sasha's hair, Sasha pulling it out, Sasha taking it to Mommy with her face turned upward at a perfect "you can put the barrette in now" angle, and Mommy putting the barrette in again, Sasha realized that one barrette simply wasn't going to cut it. If you're going to go colorful, that's a task that simply demands more than a solitary barrette!

It was hard to get a photo of the finished product - partly because the barrettes came out of Sasha's hair as quickly as I could snap them into place and partly because in every photo I took it looks like Sasha has giant plastic cherries perched upon her head in a variety of very vibrant colors... which is probably because that's an apt description of the giant plastic cherry barrettes. Oh well, I can't imagine any better way to accessorize vibrant giant flower pants!


Lisa and Thal said...

That is too totally cute. Zafiro is more into teeny rubberband, partly because Mama doesn't let Zafiro know the rubberbands are in her hair. Oddly the right barette gets discovered and removed. Cool pants!!

Susan said...

loooove the pants..LOOOVE the barrettes!

Leeza loves to wear her bows, but she also loves to throw them forcefully out, mostly in the car. then I put it in my hair, and she's like LEEZA BOW LEEZA BOW...well, yes, keep it in your freakin hair then my lady.

taking her shoe shopping is also quite fun. Sean is,and out. Not even 2, Leeza must try on like several pairs. then we get home and she drags ALL her shoes out to her daddy and she MUST put them all on, only to kick them off again. GIRLS! :)

Jessica and Chris said...

I LOVE the pants and I would have to agree with you that the barrettes just top off the outfit!!I also love dressing my little girl. For some reason there are so many more cute outfits for girls. I would have to agree with Lisa - we do the teeny rubberbands as well. They are more difficult to get out. Although when they do come out (taken out by Adler) so does a handful of hair!

Jennifer M said...

She looks so different with barrettes. She looks... well... feminine! Not that she doesn't normally, but the barrettes sweep the hair off her forehead, and she looks like a little girl.

I've had to try tons of different types of barrettes to find ones that actually stay in for an hour or so. Some just slip right out immediately, while some actually do stay in. Ironically, the old fashioned Goody ones are the best for Gigi's hair. Keep trying lots of different varieties, and as long as Miss Sasha isn't removing them herself, there should be at least one or two brands that actually stay.

Jstar said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jennifer, we'll keep trying! If Sash leaves the barrettes alone, they stay in for hours... but that's a big "if"


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