Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog Quotes

Best dog quote ever (by Ben):
Chorney likes hot dogs. [pregnant pause and meaningful stare] She eats her own kind.

Close runner up:
Mom: I'm going to put Sasha down for her nap
Sam: Ok, but you're not going to put her down like you put Nesbitt down, right?

And if Chorney could speak, in this picture she would clearly be saying, "I fail to understand why you insist on putting my toys in a basket when it simply forces me to take them out again. Let's save ourselves all of this trouble and just leave the toys strewn about the floor so Sasha and I can enjoy nibbling on our rawhide without having to walk all the way over to the basket for another piece."

Never a dull moment.


Selena said...

Hilarious. Love all of it. You probably already know this, but your kids are the best!

tac said...

Grace also wonders why we insist on putting her toys away as well.

Guess babies of all species have more in common than ever expected ;-)

Smith Fam said...

HA! Ben and Sam, you have both made me laugh this morning, and that was much needed. Thank you!


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