Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chornaya the Destroyer

Lest we be accused of only showing the adorable side of puppy ownership, of which photos abound, we thought we'd dedicate a post to a few of our home's recent casualties. Smith family, this post is for you.

In Chorney's defense, pretty much everything in our house looks like a puppy toy. How can Chorney be expected to know the difference between Ben's Croc and a ball? The ball she's allowed to chew and the one she's not? A Lego, Sasha's barrette, and a rawhide? A puppy's head spins with all of the rules to remember.

Here's an example of a "normal" view of the Morningstar lawn, strewn with treasures that Chorney has discovered and lugged outside to try nibbling. Many of these items are legitimately hers to chew... many are not. Notice the prevalence of Crocs in this post - I give Ben's Crocs another week, tops, until they're puppy food.

Fortunately we have a great puppy training book that explains what is going on in the puppy's mind and how to curb destructive chewing early on. We're trying!

1 comment:

Smith Fam said...

Thank you so much for reminding us why we don't want a puppy. Very helpful.

As for what's going on in the mind of a puppy... "Oooo, it's colorful, and it squishes when I chew it. They left this just for me. They LOVE me!"

Anything else the book says is simply speculation.


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