Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 51 - More Favorite KZ Products

It's been a while since we've posted about our favorite grocery store products of Kazakhstan and now that the boys are here it seems like high time for another survey of the food we eat. Note - this post is not to be confused with our various restaurant food posts, such as eating horse or drinking fermented mare's milk, although technically it does belong to the same genre as drinking fizzy milk because that was purchased at the grocery store.

Our favorite cleaning product, bar none, is Barf. So, technically, it's really just like Comet - but trust me, statements like, "Honey, I'm going to go clean the bathroom sink with the power of Barf" never, ever get old
Ben is grateful that he can find his staple Diet Coke here in Kaz. He is thankfully undisturbed that it's called Coke Light here (you never know what a five year old is going to freak out about, especially when it comes to his precious soft drinks)
Chips come in undeniably odd flavors. Two thumbs up for Paprika Pringles. Bacon Lays are disgusto but not bad as a meatloaf filler.
We think these are mushroom soup flavored chips. Anyway, they weren't bad. A little odd, but we managed to finish the bag without a problem.
Ice cream bars, cones, etc rock here. Clearly Sasha thinks so, also.
Kindereggs - they're hollow chocolate eggs with a little toy inside. The kids are addicted.
Hazelnut Snickers. We're not huge hazelnut fans, but it couldn't have been too bad since Steve ate half of the candy bar before realizing that it was different than his usual Snickers.
This is an odd one. Keep in mind that we are thousands of miles from the ocean, and yet dried fish jerky of numerous varieties seems wildly popular. Clearly, you're supposed to eat it with beer. We won't be trying this one, a photo from the store will have to suffice.
Our absolute favorite biscuits - these things rock! They're like thick, soft graham crackers. We call them "cat head biscuits" (yeah, pretty creative). Once they were out of cat heads and we got "blue hair girl biscuits" instead. Disaster. They had some kind of nasty cherry bits inside. Now we're cat head purists.
Aw yeah - your eyes do not deceive you. Two cans of horse to bring home (no, we have not tried the canned horse). All ye white elephant party goers beware! I can't wait to bring these out at Christmas party time!


Lou Ann said...

Hi Morningstars,

Just wanted to say Hi and to let you know that I've been checking up on you. How much fun can one family have? You certainly have the right approach to enjoying the total Kazakh experience and bringing back amazing memories (and pictures) too! I enjoy reading what you are up to before heading to bed. Don't forget to go to the circus in Almaty if it's open. We missed it because they were closed for the summer so hopefully you can experience if for Lexie & I.

Lou Ann

Jodi said...

My favorite Kaz food bar none - dark chocolate Twix. The wrapper looks like a regular Twix but it is dark brown. Yum yum yum. And not available in the US (I actually called the company and asked). Goes great with a Coke Light!

Lisa and Thal said...

Yes, mushroom flavored chips. Did you see the packets of dried fishes in various flavors? Perfect for snacking. Good luck with your flight home!

Lori Printy said...

Ha we took cans of horse meat home as "gifts"! You all look like you are having so much fun. What a great family!!!

Smith Fam said...

KINDEREGGS!!!! We love those! You just brought back fond memories of our times in europe. For years we had a little swiss girl on our windowsill that we had assembled from a kinderegg (the girl, not the windowsill). Good times...

Jason Russell said...

Ah, the classic Kinder Eier (chocolate eggs). I never got in the habit, but there were some missionaries in Germany who had a whole suitcase full of the enclosed toy to cart home at the end of their time.

MAJ Bryen said...

I am a PAP who reads your blog daily and love your take on Kaz culture. I look forward to the paprika pringles. I'm sure they'll top the roast chicken flavor lays I had in the UK and will be hands down over the rose water ice cream bars in iraq (yuck)!

Jenkins Family said...

We loved the chese flavored Craks (they are the off brand pringles), just because I could say I was livingon crack. Bar none (pun intended), our favorite was the Nestle "For Men" candy bar in the red wrapper, the boys thought they were hilarious because they have the "no girls allowed" symbol on every square.

ault family said...

This is hilarious! Horse meat in a can. I'm wondering if it will be worth the extra cost/weight in your luggage. :) I'm banking on surviving on Snickers while I'm there. I hope they have ones with regular nuts too.


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