Thursday, March 26, 2009

At least we know...

You know you don't blend in Utah when his hair is longer than hers. Hmmm... it may be time for a trim, dear.

Today was my first day back at work. I know, we've been home less than a week, but income is a good thing and after 9 1/2 weeks off it really did feel good to get back to work. The commute was long, but that's because it was snowing - didn't somebody tell the weatherman that it's almost April? I think we brought Siberia home with us! And the day was long... I wish I could blame it on jetlag but I think it had more to do with not being used to a full workday than the time difference.

As usual, I think that the separation was harder on Mommy than anybody else. It makes me even more grateful for the time we've spent together over the past weeks. Papa did a wonderful job holding down the fort (as always) and everybody was safe and happy when I got home... although Sasha's hair was covered in Mountain Dew (no, I did not ask for the story behind that one). It's such a blessing to know that I'm leaving my kiddos with the best caregiver in the whole wide world (even if his hair is a little scruffy)!

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