Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now I Know I'm Home

Today we introduced Sasha to the Sundance Nordic Center! Snow is definitely in our little gal's bloodline and she did wonderfully even as Mommy and Daddy got a bit frustrated with the sticky snow. I mean, you don't glide much when you're towing kiddos, and having a few inches of snow stuck to the bottom of your skis sure doesn't help! Oh well, I guess that's just the price of spring XC and we'll put up with it for a beautiful morning outside with our kids!

A favorite place with favorite people
We did have a slight incident... but this totally wasn't Steve's fault - he was navigating around a fallen tree. In Steve's words, "Oh, that explains why they felt so light!"
Don't worry, our little trooper's spirits couldn't be dampened by a little toss from the sled! Ok, that's not true, she wined the whole way back, but a few Skittles fixed her right up.

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