Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 57 - Almaty from Above

This morning we had Sasha's visit at the international clinic and we are proud to say that our daughter is healthy enough to enter the US! Not that we had any doubts about this, of course, but it's nice to know that the doctor agrees. We go to the Embassy on Wednesday to finish up her visa work and then we're scheduled to depart Thursday - it's crazy to think that our epic journey is nearing its end!

Sasha was not thrilled with her doctor's appointment. It was really interesting - we've heard from lots of folks that because the doctors at the baby house give the kids one-on-one attention (and the doctors at the baby house were fabulous), kiddos adopted from Kaz usually really enjoy doctor's appointments. This was not exactly our experience. There was lots of wailing - who knew that a stethoscope could be so terrifying?!? On the up-side, Sasha was clinging to us for dear life through the whole "ordeal," so we figure that bodes well for bonding. If she's looking to us for help and security, that's good for everybody!

After the doctor's appointment, we headed up, up, up to view Almaty from above. We took the cable car that takes folks up to a high hill above the city and spent a warm afternoon enjoying slightly hazy but still lovely vistas.

We were excited to see that there was an alpine coaster at the top of the gondola and all five of us had a blast riding the "Fast Coaster." It wasn't as big as the alpine coaster in Park City, but it was lots of fun, especially since they even let Sasha ride!

Here are a few more favorite photos from the day:
Steve and Sam riding up the gondola
The mountains around Almaty are beautiful and this photo just doesn't do them justice
Mama and Sasha stroll
One of the odder statues we've seen in Kazakhstan - the Beatles?!? Apparently this statue was errected by local businessmen who were grateful to the Beatles for bringing fun into their lives While Kazakhstan was part of the USSR
We had a wonderful day together!


Laura said...

*Love* the new photos on your blog header! Looks like your boys are into the same things our 6 yr old is - I'm sitting next to a lovely lego spaceship creation.

Enjoy Almaty and the final steps of your adoption journey. We'll be finishing the last leg of ours in April when we fly to the States & Vic becomes a citizen. Good luck on your trip! I'm already praying ours goes much, much more smooth than the one from Almaty to here. I'll add Sasha et al to the prayer as well.

:o) Laura

Jennifer said...

You guys are such a beautiful family. Not simply in terms of standard appearances though there is that too, but because you all radiate so much joy and happiness.

The day out and about looked like so much fun!

Tracy said...

Sorry she had a hard time at the clinic, but great news about her clinging to you all. That is awesome. Glad she is doing well.

I can't believe you all will be heading home really soon. I am so excited for you. I hope you have a very safe trip.


Lou Ann said...

It's so much fun to check in on the fun you are having!So many people miss out on the beauty of Kazakhstan because it's so different from the states. I never get that. I'm sure you'll enjoy your adventure right up until the time you get on that 3am.

Safe travels home.
Lou Ann & Lexie

Karen said...

Looks like you had a fun day at Kok Tobe. Your boys are doing so well. Day 57. Wow, you're in your final stretch, pretty soon you'll be boarding that big bird in the sky. Yaay.


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