Monday, March 23, 2009

First Outings

We are doing so well! Honestly, I am just overwhelmed by how smooth and fun and simply joy-filled our transition to a family of five has been. Sasha seems to be loving her home, we're all adjusting well to the time difference, and right now we're just enjoying a family love-fest. These are the moments to treasure!

Sash is sleeping really well in her own bed. We've had a couple of fussies in the middle of the night, but certainly nothing to complain about. She is such a trooper!

As you can see by these two photos, Sasha's love of ducks has continued. Ben got her two rubber duckies before we left, a red one and a white one. They are clearly her favorites (and that's saying a lot because we've accumulated quite a few rubber duckies over the years) and accompany Sasha pretty much everywhere - I pity the parent who tries to put Sasha on the potty without one or more duckies in her hands!

We had our first playdate at the park on Saturday and it was sheer joy seeing all of our friends again! Have I mentioned lately how blessed our family is to have such amazing friends? It was bliss to feel the sun on our faces, enjoy the warm breeze, and bask in the company of the folks I hadn't seen in 8 1/2 weeks!

Sasha loved the park as well and did very well with her first exposures to both grass and wood chips. Both had to be pulled up and sprinkled over her tights, which I believe is a universal among toddlers. Ben and Sam did an awesome job showing their sister around the park, I am constantly touched by their tenderness toward their sister.And church yesterday was amazing. I just kept tearing up through the whole service, so very grateful to be back with the congregation that we love so dearly. We introduced Sasha to around 40,000 people and she was very brave in the face of all of their oohs and aahs. She just snuggled into my chest for most of it (remember, our little one is a bit shy at first), but she did give a few flirty smiles to her admirers. She was just perfect - clearly looking to us for security and comfort and secure enough not to freak out. And she even made it quietly through the whole service with the help of a few graham crackers! We'll take her to the nursery eventually, but until we feel very secure in our bond we'll keep her with us for the service. I just hope they all go as easily as her first!


Jason Russell said...

40,000? Dang!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

ok.. so I know I'm a sap and emotional.. but, I was doing really good holding it all together when I looked at all the pics of you guys home and safe and sound as a family of 5...I haven't checked blogs in days.. so I was a little behind... I get to the post of the frig..and fight back massive tears!!! :)
I am such an emotional goof sometimes!!! Picturing the airport coming home does it for me too... aaahhhh... those emotions.. wow!
We are SO thrilled for you guys!
Praying that the transition continues to be smooth... she's a doll and it's so evident that her brothers love her very much... and the quote from Sam... oh my... such a heart for God.. wow! You know those boys will do their parts to do what God has commanded us to do... Great job mom and dad!!! :)

The Fox Den said...

She did FANTASTIC at church. What a sweet baby! It's a joy to have you back and see you all together.

Barbin said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. We plan to travel to KZ soon to meet our daughter- your blog has been entertaining and a huge blessing to us. Thank you!

Lyndsie said...

Its so great to see all the support she gets from her brothers, what a lucky little lady to have you guys as family. She looks so cozy at home, its great to hear about the smooth transition you've been experiencing! I've really enjoyed reading about your journey.

Karen said...

Welcome home. Such beautiful photos. She truly is your daughter. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations, you did it!!!!!!


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