Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 45 - United

How can I describe the feeling of seeing my three children finally together, of the five of us united as a family?

I was expecting our first days together to be far harder. I thought that the fatigue of travel, the stress of being apart for six weeks, and the very strange emotions of meeting new sibling(s) would be too much for our kiddos, but I was once again astounded by their strength and the depth of their love. We have three incredible kids.

Here are a few random comments heard throughout the days that hopefully illustrate what I simply can't put into words:
"She smiled at me!"
"She fell down and I helped her up!"
"Sashka, you want a hug?"
"I gave Sasha a big squeeze!"
"Look, I can lift up Sasha!"
"The world just wouldn't be complete without a girl like Sasha"

Sam and Ben were just so sweet to their little sister. Every smile or giggle that came out of her was celebrated as a triumph for their brothering skills. And rightfully so.

And Sasha just reveled in the attention. Ben's attempts to carry her were met with forbearance, the zerberts tolerated, and the tickles relished. Sam took a less hands-on approach (no surprise, Ben is the most aggressive cuddler I know) and Sasha knocked down tower after tower that he built for her.

And by the end of our first day together, Sasha was coming in for hugs, dances, and kisses from her brothers at every opportunity. They just fit together. I don't know how else to say it. Our family didn't just come together, we were designed to be together.

The past few days have been big ones - visiting the baby house for the last time, enjoying time with Sasha in our apartment, the arrival of the male half of the family, and the finalization of our adoption. It is a wonderful thing knowing that Sasha is irrevocably, for always a Morningstar. Not that there was any reason to worry about finalization (this is the 15 day period after court where somebody could challenge the decision), it's just a nice thing to know that in the eyes of the Kazakhstani court system, Sasha is ours forever!

So, what's next? The five of us will be in Kazakhstan for about two more weeks. At this point, it's all about paperwork - we have to wait for her Kaz birth certificate that names us as Sasha's parents and then we can get her Kaz passport and then we'll go to Almaty to do the paperwork for her entrance into the US. There's really not a ton to do (it's mostly the coordinators working on our behalf and us waiting - hooray for World Partners!) so we're planning to have plenty of down time for the boys' bodies to catch up with the 13 hour time difference and then we'll hang around Karaganda together! Together - all five of us. Doesn't that sound wonderful?!?

Don't worry, we'll keep you posted on all of our adventures, great and small.


Lori Printy said...

So happy for you. I am convinced that our time as a family in KZ helped to bond us in a way that would not even be possible at home. You have clearly instilled a tremendous capacity for love in your children. When you get love it is easy to give love.

Anonymous said...

awwww! yea!!! i've been waiting for this post! :)! that pic of ben kissing sasha is too precious! i'm so excited for you guys! :) hooray!!!

love to the morningstars,

annette said...

I patiently waited for this update and am not the least disappointed by the outcome! I am an avid follower of your blog and a fellow KazMom (K.F. Astana 07). I am so thrilled for your whole family and wish you a safe travels!

Lisa and Thal said...

God bless and congrats! What a beautiful family. See you in Almaty!

ault family said...

This is all so WONDERFUL! I can tell those boys are loving her right up and are gonna be tough on anyone that tries dating her in the future! :)


Angela said...

So happy for you all! You are perfect together! Enjoy your last weeks in Kaz where all your focus can be on the beautiful family that you are.

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, tears are streaming down my cheeks. Your boys are amazing. It's truly a miracle. So, so happy for you. Your family is complete.

Many blessings as you enjoy your days together.


Amy said...

That is so awesome. I am so happy for you all

Baby Kaz Moore said...

YEAH!!! Great photos. Sending you warm wishes from Austin, Texas. Susan and Griffin

shannon said...

What kind, loving children you have! The boys are so good with Sasha! Glad to see the family reunited ... maybe an official 1st family pic for all of us to see? :)


Lou Ann said...

Wow you did it!!! The family you've been dreaming about couldn't be more beautiful.

Congratulations Morningstars!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too


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