Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Charts!

Today was Sasha's first appointment with our pediatrician and I am proud to report that our little one is on the charts! Sasha is 23 1/2 pounds, putting her in the 16th percentile for weight, and 31 1/2 inches tall for the 8th percentile in height! It's amazing to think of the growth she's experienced over the last couple of months - in October she only weighed 16 pounds! Good love, solid food, and lots of prayer sure has made a world of difference to our baby girl.

At this rate, I may not be able to use Sasha's favorite mode of transportation (the laundry basket) for much longer! Our pediatrician couldn't believe how well Sasha is doing. In fact, she walked in the room and looked at us and had to check her chart twice - she thought that she had come into the wrong exam room because Sasha is so awesomely chunky!

And this appointment went so much better than our clinic visit in Kaz. No tears (except for the shots), although Sasha was definitely appropriately wary and wasn't about to be let out of my arms. The doctor said that everything's looking good and Sasha is definitely thriving with us, so tomorrow we'll contact Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and start working on closing that palate!


The Life of Four Beckstrom's! said...

WOW! that picture of you and Sasha, you guys sure look a lot alike. I am glad to see she is doing good and adjusting. It sure was nice to see the 5 of you at church on Sunday we all missed you.
The Beckstrom Family

Lou Ann said...

So glad you got a good check up. I still can't believe she has a palate issue. She looks just fabulous and that picture of you holding her in the laundry basket is my all time favorite. That is one cute bundle of joy!

Lou Ann

Jennifer said...

You guys just make me smile. I am so glad Sasha is doing so well. I'm not surprised, but it is still so nice to hear.

Karen said...

I agree—you and Sasha have such a strong resemblance to each other. It's amazing how that happens. So glad to hear she's such a healthy little girl.

Jessica and Chris said...

Awesome on being on the charts!!! yippeee! Way to grow Sasha :)

shannon said...

wonderful news on all fronts, Jamie :)

The pic of you and Sash in the laundry basket is one of the best ones yet!

Hugs to ya'll,


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