Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 59 - Kinda Sucked

Sorry for the little delay in posting... we had an interesting day Wednesday. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Day 59 started beautifully - sunny and warm. We made our second trip to the park with the war memorials and enjoyed seeing the Russian Orthodox church (one of the largest wooden structures in the world and constructed without nails), feeding the pigeons outside of the church, and playing on the park's small playground:

We got back to the apartment and found the door open... "hmmm," we thought, "that's odd." Then we walked in and saw our stuff strewn all over the apartment and thought, "Ah. Not odd. Bad." Yep, our apartment was robbed.

Most of the remainder of the day was spent working with our adoption agency's representatives in Almaty and watching the police go over our apartment with a fine-toothed comb. I was really impressed by how thorough the Kazakhstani police were - I expected them to walk in and say "Yeah, it was robbed, and we'll never figure this out so we're not going to bother doing anything" (or the Russian equivalent of that statement) but instead we have officer after officer arrive and look over the apartment, take photos, and dust pretty much every flat surface for fingerprints.

Yeah, it sucked, but we have so much to be grateful for. Nothing irreplaceable was taken, just our travel electronics (iPod, laptop, video camera, etc) and a small bit of cash. Our clothes and souvenirs and suitcases were rifled through but nothing was broken or ripped. And we still came home with everything we came to Kazakhstan for - our amazing little Sasha!

And please don't think that Kazakhstan is entirely populated with criminals (that's Australia - I learned that in The Princess Bride). The fact is that we were in a big city (>2 million people) and break ins happen. Kazakhstan and even Almaty are still safer than most of the US, we just were unlucky enough to be one of the statistics :( We still have a deep love and respect for our daughter's homeland, and all of you planning pleasure cruises to Kazakhstan because you've been sucked in by the photos and stories on our blog should keep your tickets! Ok, on second thought, cancel the cruise tickets, but only because Kaz is the largest landlocked country in the world :)


The Fox Den said...

Stink! I'm sorry that happened. I was just about to research cruises to K. Alright, just kidding I don't think I'd step foot on a cruise going anywhere. Looking forward to seeing you!

Jennifer M said...

Wow! Glad you all are ok. That sounds so trite, doesn't it? I'm sorry to hear about the things that were stolen, but that was very cool of the Kazakhstani police. That's very good and reassuring to know.

Karen said...

That must've been really scary thing to walk into. I'm so sorry you were robbed—but thankfully they didn't take your spirit. You're such a great family with a wonderful spirit. God bless you.

ault family said...

Man oh man, that is really too bad! Just when you were in Kazakhstan bliss. I'm so glad they didn't attempt a break in while you were home. Hopefully you had travel insurance.

Good thing the police took it seriously and are off trying to chase the bad guy down! Very glad that you are all okay!


Ben said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you all are okay, but I'm sad you lost some stuff.

Lou Ann said...

That doesn't "kinda suck" it really does suck!!I'm so glad you are all okay and that you are taking it so well. As you said Almaty is a huge city and you are safer there than in most large US cities. It's just sad that it had to put a damper on such a wonderful experience. You'll be home soon and be able to have one more story to add to the adventure of adding Sasha to your family and hearts. Take care on the rest of your trip and safe travels.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Yep, that stinks. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you guys weren't IN the apartment when they entered. Take care, Susan

troy said...

Crap. At least you're not letting it get you down. And it's better at the end of the trip than the beginning. Less stuff to carry home!

Bob Sims said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of the gadgets (and even worse, the media that was stored on them!). Appreciate your perspective, though. Welcome home!


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