Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 12 - Grocery Store and Big Fun in the Big Room*

*This post was updated with photos and additional info after adoption

So this will probably surprise most of you that shopping at the grocery store here is a bit different from shopping at home. For one thing, you can buy horse. Like Mr. Ed. But probably not talking horse. That would be gross. I'm actually dying to try some more weird foods that we don't have at home.

Instead of Mr. Clean, the bleach-like cleaning substance is called Mr. Proper. My guess is that the English word "clean" must be some racial slur in another language and so they made it Mr. Proper so that it wouldn't offend. But yeah, let's keep the bald guy cause that's our identity. Bald cleaning men must be their target audience I suppose. A friend we've met here said that she saw a cleaning liquid called Barf. Wouldn't that be sweet. "My little Timmy spilled ketchup all over the floor, but I just poured some Barf on it and in minutes I forgot all about that silly ketchup."

Other cool products: Kosmostars. Come on, that's cool. Who would win a fight between the Kosmostars bear and Tony the Tiger? I think my money's on a bear trained by the Soviets for space travel.

One thing I saw here (and I remember in Costa Rica they did this, too) that really has got to be implemented in the States is paying a rental for your shopping cart. There is a chain device that is attached to all the carts and you can't release a cart to shop with until you slip a coin into a little slot. Then when you return the cart, you get back your coin. If we did this in Utah, the parking lot wouldn't be full of friggin' stupid lazy people's shopping carts. (If after reading this section you feel a little guilty about a previous shopping trip, just promise me that you'll never do it again. This is a previous grocery store employee telling you now that every cart you leave behind in the wrong place becomes someone else's problem and no they aren't happy about having to clean up after you.)

Time in the room
Saturday is the day where the baby house is a little more relaxed. We got two little "treats" today that we usually don't get a chance to do. First, in the morning, we asked if we could play in the "big" room with all the other little kids. The weekend caretakers (to be honest, they are our favorite ones so far) allowed Jamie and I to spend time with Sash and the other kiddos. It was loud and hectic and crazy and really fun and we got great photos and video of Sasha playing with her friends from the baby house.

Then, in the afternoon, we got a chance to tour a little more of the baby house. During the week, things are so busy and official that we just stay in our little room, but it was fun to take advantage of the quiet weekends to see some of the other public rooms. Teacher Ben (and our Ben for that matter), this photo is for you - check out the mural of the Gran Rippon, just like the book that Aunt Sarah sent!

Prayer request: We are on the cusp of finishing our 14 day bonding period and will start the next round of administrative work soon - petitioning for a court date, pre-court, court, etc. Please pray with us that everything is in order, that our paperwork is completed correctly and in a timely manner, and of course that the judge agrees that Sasha should be ours forever!


Joby and Marla said...

I can't believe that you actually got to take pictures in the grocery store:) The guard made me check my camera in one day before I could get through the gate at City Mall. If you get a chance, we would love a picture of the fish or seafood.

Have you gone in the big playroom downstairs with S yet? We often would go in the mornings when the younger children were visiting & play in the ball pit. It really made play time more interesting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's the Great Big Enormous Turnip picture!!! I just read that to my class on Friday! We're talking about perseverence and that story totally goes with it. I think you should try the horse, how bad can it be???

Laura said...

Ah! Ramstore? Good times, good times.

Have you seen the orphanage cat yet? He (she?) hangs out around the kitchen.

I agree with y'all about the shopping carts. The forced personal responsibility is awesome! We have those carts here in Germany as well.

Have fun! (Prayers on the way)

Baby Kaz Moore said...

It's wonderful seeing that everything is going so well. Yeah. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Susan

Tracy said...

There are actually quite a few places that use the rent a cart up north. I think there are some in Ohio as well. It is a good thing unless you do not have a quarter handy. I learned when living in NH to keep one quarter in my car always!

SO glad things are going great. I love all of the updates.

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet - love the picute of the HUG! :)

Yeah, you're right, the first thing that pops into my head when I think of cleaning is a big tall bald guy with a ring in his ear (oh wait, I think that's Mr. T).

How funny that there is a picture of a horse next to the meat - just to remind you that you are about to eat Mr. Ed! :)

Thanks for the sign language tips from your last post. I will look into that.

Anonymous said...

oh jamie! that picture of you and sestra is priceless....absolutely beautiful! i say you black and white it, frame it and hang it in her room when you get back...she'll love that as she gets older, i'm sure! :)!


marymary said...

I just wanted to say that I'm loving staying updated on this amazing journey and you're in my prayers. The picture of you with your little girl here made my eyes get wet.

Ben said...

Hey Mr. Proper!! I totally remember that brand! I laughed the first time I saw that.

Hey, the story of the Ogromnaya Repa is true!! Cool wall painting. Don't you like how snow removal doesn't exist there? Lots of fun walking on the sidewalks . . .


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