Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Sam!

We'll take a break from the Kazakhstan updates for a very important day - Samuel Isaac Morningstar's 8th birthday! Buddy, it's hard being on the other side of the world on such a big day - we are so proud of the kid you already are and the young man you're becoming. We pray that you are surrounded by love on your birthday and truly enjoy your special day. Oh, and we hope that there are lots of Legos to unwrap, too.

Sam had his party Monday so that everybody could participate - Poppop, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Mike, and Cousins Abby and Xave were in town in addition to the grandmas! Are you suspicious about all of the fun they're having while we're gone? Me too. I'm sure it makes the time pass quickly - we've been seeing photos of field trips, the Nickelcade, tubing at Soldier Hollow, McDonalds - it's a wonder they have energy left to Skype with us!

The party sounds great. Sam had trouble deciding on a theme, but before we left he had finally settled on Legos as the proper 8th birthday party theme.

They had a Lego pinata (Sam thought they should get the pull-string kind rather than whacking it apart in the living room. Mommy and Daddy are grateful), Lego-block cake (looked like a block, not made of), and played all sorts of cool games, such as "pin the stud on the Lego" and a relay race where they carried spoonfuls of Legos to their team and tried to make the tallest tower!

It sure sounds like a good time was had by all. Many thanks to the grandmas and assorted family for making Sam's birthday so special, and a very Happy Birthday to the coolest eight year old I know.

Prayer request: Please pray with us that Sam will know and feel our love today, that he'll have a wonderful day celebrating his birth, and that he will continue to grow into the man God designed him to be: courageous, thoughtful, smart, and with a special love for life lived to the fullest.


Lou Ann said...

Just catching up and got to "meet" Amazing Grace, I mean Alexandra Grace. She is just adorable and clearly happy to have Mommy & Daddy come get her.

Congratulations to you all!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Anonymous said...

oh holy cow, does that make me feel old! which means he was four when I met you guys summer of 2005! lol! happy birthday, sam!

love, miss cori!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sam—you're one lucky boy to have such a loving family. And now you've got the cutest little sister. That's got to be the best present ever!!!


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