Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 32 - Going Dim

We just wanted you to know that if you don't hear much from us over the next few days, don't worry! Everything's going great here (with the exception of the pigeons outside of our apartment window who are, I believe, eying my gin rather suspiciously. Or maybe it's the potato chips. Either way, they better back off!) and we are loving our little girl more every day.

Steve left last night for Almaty where he is hopefully skiing today and finding me an awesome "I skied Kazakhstan" shirt and then he leaves for Utah tomorrow to pick up the boys. I'll likely be here alone for about a week until they come back, so we probably won't have much to post from this hemisphere for a few days.

We did have a few more food reviews for you:
  1. Paprika Pringles - surprisingly good
  2. Bacon Lays - ick.  Edible if you just think of them tasting like wierd BBQ chips
  3. 6% milk - Steve loves it.  You know about me and dairy, so I'm steering clear
  4. 5% yogurt - freaking awesome.  It's like eating strawberry-flavored whipped cream... which is probably basically what it is.
Prayer requests: Please join us in prayer that Steve and the kids can come to Kazakhstan really soon, that their bodies stay healthy and strong during travel, and that each leg of their journey is safe. For me, pray that I, likewise, will stay healthy and energetic and that I would treasure this time of getting to know Sasha one-on-one.


Joby and Marla said...

You can thank Joby for the pigeons sitting on the window. Feeding the pigeons was Kobe's favorite thing to do while in the apartment. We gave them all of our leftover bread & cookies each day!!!!

Jason said...

5% yogurt, eh? Germany has something called quark, which is like...sour cream without the sour, maybe.

So, Steve gets to come home and then fly back, eh? You make it sound like he's driving down from Park City and coming back up the canyon. "Be right back, honey."

Jessica and Chris said...

We are praying for lots of great bonding time! I know that your time with the boys will be wonderful :)


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