Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love of a sibling

Sam is quite the entrepreneur. He's always on a quest to make a buck from something and can often be found in the front yard with a folding table hawking his wares. Today he came home from school and decided to sell some of his excess toys in order to raise some funds for our trip on Sunday. After all, its in the mid fifties today and there are plenty of potential customers out enjoying the nice weather.

As I was pulling out the table from downstairs, I started to joke around a little with him.

Me: Hey so how much of a cut of your profits do I get for fetching the folding table?

Sam: Nothing! Well, maybe a dollar...

Me: 10%

Sam: No way! Well, we'll see how much I get first.

Me: I bet if you can sell your brother to do some chores for people you'll get quite a lot.

Sam: Dad, he wouldn't fit on my table.

Me: Good point.

So now he's outside selling his old Millennium Falcon and some transformers just so he can go to a foreign country to buy souvenirs that he'll bring home and probably sell in a few months to buy something else. At least he won't be begging me for Tenge.


Anonymous said...

Sam (and Ben) crack me up....I never will expect anything from them, because they always keep me on my toes....those boys are such a joy....they will definitely keep their new sister entertained...that's for sure! :)! I hope she can keep up! LOL!

Jstar said...

Another inspired post, my darling! I love reading about the goings on at home! Hope that Sam had a very successful sale - it looks like the neighbor boys were already there checking out his goods. I'm not sure what they're going to *buy* in Kazakhstan, but at least they'll have money to do it!

Brian said...

The Millenium Falcon is for sale?!?!?!? I would have been more than happy to scoop it up, then give it back. That's one special little sister for him to give up a prized toy such as the falcon.

Karen said...

What a great post—it's great your boys know the value of the dollar and the fact that they want to contribute to the "cause" is quite noble indeed. They're going to make great big brothers to their little sis.


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