Monday, February 23, 2009

Home again

Okay, I think I might be in withdrawal. My toilet flushes too quietly, people drive too slowly, my shower isn’t anywhere close to hot enough, and my mattress is soft like butter left out of the fridge too long. I had to put on an extra blanket because my usually pleasant 68 degree house is now an icily frigid 68 degree house. And in even better news, I tried on a pair of pants that were in the “I have a dream” part of the closet and they once again fit this fat body, well slightly less fat. Maybe I could market a Kumis and horse meat diet…

Welp, I guess now that I’m “home” I should be telling you about what a relief it is to be back around people who speak English. Seriously, I think I about cried when the flight attendant spoke to me in clear English and asked if I wanted an orange juice at 5 in the morning local time. It’s okay though. I think he just thought I was real attached to citrus fruit drinks. But hearing someone who was obviously from the US was a great feeling to know that I was getting back home to see the boys.

And it was great to get to see that they were happy healthy and largely intact. On the ride home from the airport, I was stroking Ben’s head and musing his hair and found a rather large lump on his head. When I asked him what happened he whispered “They told me not to tell you about that.” Turns out running in socks on wood floors can be hazardous to chairs in the general area. And to the little skulls that go crashing into them. But not to worry, the chair doesn’t even have a scratch.

I’m kind of disappointed in my boys in a way. We’ve gone eight straight years with out a visit to the emergency room for either of them. No stitches, no casts, no pins, plates, or any kind of surgery to speak of. It’s like I’ve failed them some how. I mean they’ve got a tree house in the back yard so we can’t be too far from that kind of stuff, right?

The 21st was a long day for me. I got up at 1am local time to get to the airport. Hopped on a few planes and crashed into my bed at home at 10:00pm local time 37 hours later without the calendar flipping a single page. Yeah. No wonder my eyes still feel blurry. In Denver I realized that jetlag has a nasty effect of turning off my foul language filters. I cursed at some poor payphone for not dialing the right number for me. Now I realize that I was the one to blame. If only I could apologize.

So here’s the status update. I leave to take the boys to meet their sister on Sunday. The passports are in the mail to get visa-ed and I have a huge list of gotta do’s that need attention before I go. Jamie and I are skypeing often enough that she doesn’t miss me too much and we have optimistically aimed at coming home right on St. Patrick’s Day. Soon we’ll be one big happy family of five. But for right now we’ll settle for having the boys on one side of the planet and the girls on the other. It is kind of cool to think that the sun never really sets on a member of the Morningstar family. Kind of like the British Empire. But without the tea. Or large impressive navy.


Jennifer said...

You crack me up! I'm totally laughing. British empire.

Glad to know you made it home safely.

I hope you get over the jet lag in time for the Sunday adventure.

Jamie, I'm missing you and that darling daughter of yours. I was actually sad that there were no prayer requests of late. Which is silly of me because of COURSE there are. But I just miss seeing them in writing. Hope all is well on that side of the world!

sandyamstar said...

So have you turned the bright light on the Grandmas to find out what other info they're hiding?! And about those pants....they might have been the pair we played tug-of-war with!?! Sorry your boys aren't as accident-prone as you'd like. Think about the number of near-death experiences Dad had as a child and guess he used up the Morningstar injury quota!

Lou Ann said...

Your internal clock is going to be so messed up by St Patrick's Day you may be cursing at more than inanimate objects. I can't wait to hear how your boys do on the trip over and then meeting their new little sister.

Happy travels!
Lou Ann & Lexie

Jstar said...

An inspired post, Darling. But I don't understand your comment about not having tea like the British - next time you accuse me of tea snobbery, I'm reminding you of this.

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up....I'm probably laughing as hard as Jennifer is! LOL!!!!! Glad you made it safely, Steve-o! Prayer requests for the gender-segregated AMstars right now and for safe travels! I miss your smiley faces! Hurry home soon! :)!!!

The Fox Den said...

What a riot! I love laughing in the morning. Thank you for using your God given creative talents to share this journey in your lives!

aultfamily said...

So glad the boyz have reunited! What a wonderful feeling that must have been!

Thanks for sharing the range of emotions. It is interesting to hear first hand how strenuous all of this is. Everything is somehow magnified. OJ tears and phone rage! :)

We'll continue to pray for your family. Travel safely! By the time you're back in Kaz, your body is going to be like, "What's going on her buddy, this wasn't part of the plan."


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