Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

I know, I know, I can hear you saying it already: But Jamie, haven't you guys already been to Disney, like, twice this year?!? Yeah, yeah, we're visiting with frightening and probably unhealthy regularity... but when each visit prompts smiles like these, well, the draw is irresistable!
Preparing for our 3-D experience
Sasha can't get enough of the thrill rides!
Ice cream, Daddy, and It's a Small World - WanYing heaven
It's a Small World after all
The girl loves her characters!
Of course, she had to give both Chip and Dale big hugs
Mickey Mania
WanYing really warmed up once we got to meet princesses and fairies
Sigh... they're so dang cute!
Getting comfy with a very good-natured Sleeping Beauty
Time for Princess Brunch!  Can't you just feel the anticipation?!?
Sleeping Beauty was kind enough to sign Sasha's Book again
She's coming!  She's coming!
The anticipation is killing me...
...not just Minnie Mouse - it's Princess Minnie Mouse!

And, yes, those of us above the age of four had a marvelous time, too :)


Mary said...

What great shots!! I can certainly see the attraction. We haven't made it there yet -- on our family bucket list for sure!

Shelly said...

FUN, FUN Stuff!!! Love the smiles on the girls faces! Have a great time!

'Becca said...

These pictures are AWESOME! So cool. Thanks.


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