Monday, October 24, 2011

Home Alone

While the kids were off enjoying Utah's natural wonders in Arches National Park, Mommy was left home alone for the first time in... um... a really long time. Like, a really, really long time. It was weird.

Here are my discoveries after three nights at home alone:
  • Did you know that, in the absence of kids, you can tidy up and things stay tidy all on their own?!? I had completely forgotten about the law of inertia.  It's extraordinary and really rather delightful that you can tidy up, leave for work, and come back to a still-tidy home.
  • When not hiking with wee ones, you can cover enough ground to tire yourself out because you're moving at well over our normal pace of 57 steps per hour (counting breaks and diversions)
  • I am completely incapable of cooking, unless combining soy milk and Lucky Charms counts of cooking.  I have apparently lost all meal preparation skills after 10 years of house husbandage.  I am totally fine with that.
  • When home alone I talk to the dog a lot 
  • And the worst part is that without the "normal" night noises of a household of 6 I am incapable of sleeping more than 5 hours a night.  Totally lame. 
  • Oh, and our dog was as restless in our empty house as I was.  After the first night of her waking up every few hours to bark at phantoms (totally uncool, especially since it took me hours to fall asleep in the first place) I decided that we had to hike at least 4 miles a day so we both could get a decent night's rest.  At least it worked for one of us :)
Chorney re-hydrates at a Dry Canyon drinking fountain

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry....Did you say that things STAYED tidy without kids around?!? I thought that was an urban legend created to make parents think that there is an up side to kids going off to college (along with a large portion of your money) in far away places!


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