Friday, October 21, 2011

Assorted Disneyland Adorableness

This is my last post filled with gratuitous Disneyland cuteness, I promise... but I just couldn't resist sharing these! I recognize that the boys are rather conspicuously absent from the majority of our Disneyland shots. I blame this on a few factors:
  1. They don't really like having their photos taken, especially with princesses or large stuffed animals.  Note that in this particular "family" picture, Sam is missing and Ben is wearing a helmet and sticking a sword into his eye.  Charming.
  2. They are fleet of foot when cameras come out
  3. They spend most of their time on rides, which are hard to photograph
But, never you fear, our Legoland shots figure the male Morningstars prominently!
I totally love this progression of shots on the California Adventure Precariously Swinging Ferris Wheel (it probably has another name, but darned if I know what it is):
Step 1 - WanYing isn't so sure about this but pretends to enjoy it

Step 2 - WanYing braces herself

Step 3 - Hold me, Mom!

Step 4 - Sasha and Sam can't get enough.  Ever.

Rock hard ice cream sandwiches are really hard to eat when you're missing all of your front teeth
A study in differences:
The girls eagerly anticipate It's a Small World.  Daddy pretends to, but I see fear in those eyes.

The boys unashamedly display their terror

Pin trading was a big theme for Ben this trip and he even had one that the big time traders were interested in (although he wisely decided to keep it)

Daddy's Halloween costume

Mommy clearly loves the teacups

Now that's a loving grandfather!

WanYing may not have liked the fuzzy characters (who can blame her?) but she loved the princesses!

Sigh.  I love these girls!

Another set of giant princess smiles

It was a wonderful trip... although I think maybe it's time to take a little Disney hiatus and maybe visit some place real next...

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groovy mama said...

How sweet, Disneyland-JEALOUS!!!
love the pics, exspecially the one of Grandpa-SWEET!


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