Saturday, October 22, 2011


Despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of photographic evidence, the boys really did have a great time at Disneyland. And "on the way" home, we stopped in Legoland California for a little more fun, this time with (rightful) emphasis on magical hunks of plastic rather than frilly princesses.

This was actually my second trip to Legoland. In 2007, my darling friend Cindy and I took a long-weekend roadtrip with our boys out to Cali to hit Legoland. It was fantastic! The boys have changed a lot in those 4 years, but their love for Legos still burns bright.

One thing that hasn't changed is Sam's insatiable appetite for Miniland. This is the part of Legoland where they make miniature cityscapes out of Legos. For most of us, it's interesting for about 45 seconds. Sam could stay there for hours.

I remember during our first visit four years ago, after what seemed like 20 or 30 hours in Miniland (and time moves slowly in there), Ben blurted out, "Sam, why do you gotta like that boring stuff?" Not much has changed... except now they have Star Wars scenes in Miniland which is interesting... for about 45 seconds.

Sam is thrilled

Sam is thrilled.  Ben (unsuccessfully) feigns enthusiasm

Sam is thrilled (are you detecting a pattern?)

Finally the kids find something they can all enjoy (these are their fierce faces)

The big winner of the trip was undoubtedly driving the little Lego cars.  The irony of driving 12 hours in a real car only to drive little cars around for 2 minutes does not escape me, but the kids liked it, so who am I to judge?

Ben's driving is... terrifying.  He never really got the hang of the whole turning radius concept and had to be rescued several times by the handlers.  I'm still not sure whether or not he crashed on purpose jut for the fun of it, but regardless I'm grateful that he's only halfway to his driver's license.

Ben prefers trial and error to taking the sign's word for it that the road isn't wide enough for a u-turn

Collision #2

Sam, on the other hand, puttered happily around the course with nary a bump to the other children's cars

Sasha matched Ben accident-for-accident.  No surprises there, those two are peas in a pod!

WanYing was the happiest of all of our drivers, which is kind of funny considering her car didn't move.

Sasha and Sam proudly display their licenses.  Well done, kiddos!
We had a great day at Legoland, and it was a perfect capstone to a fantastic family getaway.

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