Monday, October 17, 2011

First Solo Flight

Sorry for the week's lapse in posts - we spent a fantabulous long weekend in Disneyland and the flurry of princesses, pixies, large fluffy things, sugar, and roller coasters afforded little time for posting. Never fear, scads of ridiculously adorable photos will be posted in the next few days, just as soon as I've sorted through our thousands of pictures.

But before our 11-hour drive on Wednesday, since the day was looking a little uneventful, Steve decided to take his third and final (for now) happy-anniversary paragliding lesson. Being all-around marvelous as he is, he got to take off from the top of the Point of the Mountain. I do not think this is representative of the average third lesson but, of course, my husband is anything but average, especially when it comes to throwing himself off of mountains.
Steve at the tippity top

And off he goes!



...and a safe landing!  I could hear his whoops and hollers from far, far away :)

You're a natural, babe

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