Monday, July 18, 2011

Lucky Number Thirteen

Well, today's weather might not have been lucky, but I feel so fortunate and blessed to celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary today!

The plan was to surprise Steve with a 5:30 wakeup and trip up to the Point of the Mountain for paragliding lessons! The reality did include the surprise 5:30 wakeup, loading the groggy kids in the car, and then text message from the paragliding instructor letting us know that due to the gusty wind and sporadic showers, today was probably not the most well-advised day to introduce the sport. Oh well, the lesson will be fun whenever it occurs, and Steve was very gracious about the anticlimactic early start to his day.  I bought the children's forgiveness with donuts.

And, no, the gift of paragliding in no way implies that I want my husband to take a flying leap... well, unless it's a leap into our next year of adventure together!


Lou Ann said...

Happy Morniversary! And of course the 13th wouldn't go as planned. I'm sure you'll be laughing about it on your 60th!!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Laura GarcĂ­a said...

Happy Anniversary!


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