Friday, July 1, 2011

Sasha's Creative Ideas on Family Roles

Two recent conversations that illuminate Sasha's creative ideas on appropriate family roles:

(as Sasha is getting ready for bed)
Sasha: I have to get my Chairman Meow! (her stuffed kitty)
Mommy: You are taking really good care of him
Sasha: Yeah, cause he's my brother
Mommy: Your brother?
Sasha: (matter of factly) Yeah, my cat brother!
(as Sasha is bossing WanYing)
Mommy: Sasha, you don't need to boss your sister. WanYing only needs one mommy and I'll be the mommy
Sasha: Yeah, and I'll be the daddy

Not exactly the effect I was going for... but how I do love our beautiful, crazy, sassy little girl!


Luciana said...

Such a cutie-pie!

Lou Ann said...

Could she get any cuter? Love that smile!


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