Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunny Snowy Summer Sunday

There are few places in the world where half of your family can jump on a trampoline in a tank top:

while the other half is skiing a mere lift ride away!

We figured we would finish the ski season off in style with an end-of-June day up at Snowbird. The girls and I played at the base, enjoying the trampoline and bouncy castle, while the guys got in the final few runs of the season. It was a perfect sunny, snowy, summer Sunday!

Going up, up, up

And then going up some more!

And now, finally, it's time to go down.  I'm so glad that the boys got the experience of skiing in late June on a perfect bluebird day.  The sad/amazing part is that they think that this is normal!

I particularly like this photo because Ben is following a girl skiing in shorts :)

Sam is looking so good on his skis this year!  Glad we got a 9 month ski season to enjoy them.

And back down again

Three happy, tired out boys say goodbye to the 2010-2011 ski season

Meanwhile, Sasha and WanYing find a different purpose for the ski racks at Snowbird's base.

Before the trampolines opened, the girls decided to make a pilgrimage to the snow.  In case you're wondering about their faces in this pic, they're shouting, "snow"

And now it's time to bounce!  I wasn't sure how WanYing would feel about the whole experience, but she loved it

Sasha perfects her flip while WanYing bounce, bounce, bounces

The boys found a second wind once they got off of the mountain and had some pizza

Everybody's rocking the flips this year!

Sasha tried out everything within her height limit, including the rock wall.  I think going down was more fun than climbing up.

And we rounded out the day with adventures on the ropes course

I'm beginning to think that every ski season should end at Independence Day!

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Brian said...

You guys make me want to move with every post you make about your adventures.


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