Monday, June 13, 2011

Summerfest Day 2 - Paradetastic

It was hard to top Day 1 of Orem Summerfest, but we were up for the challenge! We ate (a lot) more, rode some more nausea-inducing rides, including a ride for Steve and Sam aboard the Zipper (gag), and capped it all off with the Summerfest Parade and inviting friends back to our front yard for ice cream and fireworks-viewing.

First, we gather our strength for the parade with more eating

The kiddos line up for the Children's Parade.  I'm so glad that the, "Orem, America's Nicest City" shirt Sam purchased 2 years ago has survived to be displayed in another Summerfest!

Ben earns his Children's Parade popsicle by towing the girls with his bike.

Don't they look adorable?!?  Sasha was a very good parade-waver; WanYing was more concerned with her corn on the cob than any parade goings on.

Towing his sisters, waving, and ringing his bike bell - that's some Summerfest spirit!

This is what I get when I ask WanYing to smile.  Horrifying, yet still somehow adorable.

So I try to capture the candid grins instead :)

Oure Summerfest parade watching gang

So much fun!

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Crissi said...

So fun! Ah, Orem. We will rejoin Summerfest one day...


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