Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Apropos Screening of Cars 2

WanYing's first drive-in movie experience was the thoroughly thematically approprate screening of the new Pixar movie - we saw Cars 2 in our car!

WanYing enthusiastically embraced the experience, especially the churro and pizza consumption, although she wasn't as on-board as one might have hoped with the going-to-sleep-because-you-are-hysterically-exhausted part.

We had such fun hanging out with the Thomases (visiting from far too far away). The kids took full advantage of Rainy's drive-in amenities and watched the whole movie from the top bunk.  Truly the best seat in the house (parking lot?)

Sasha also had a great time and I just had to highlight her fantastic footwear.  I have no idea where these babies came from, and I've never seen her wear them before, but when she heard we were going to go watch a movie in Rainy she ran up to her closet and pulled the stuffed Dora heads out and insisted that they perfectly completed the ensemble.  It's hard to argue with stuffed Dora head footwear.

Steve really upped the ante on the Rainy drive-in experience. Not only does she have a new fridge that kept our Fat Boys frozen until just the right moment (Steve's Christmas present from my parents) and new canvas on her upper bunk (Steve's Christmas present from my dad's new van because he no longer needed the canvas he ordered for his old van), but the audiophillic experience went up a notch this time with a new bass tube.  No, the irony of a powered subwoofer in an 87 VW Vanagon does not escape me.

You know you're in trouble when your husband texts you asking if he can buy a present for your van and, when you say yes, informs you that there are several stereo components that he's been eying at the pawn shop.  Let's list the issues...
  1. Why is my husband at a pawn shop?
  2. "Been eying" implies repeated trips to the pawn shop.
  3. Wait a minute - my husband watches the children... that means my children are shopping with my husband at the pawn shop!
Oh well, I guess it's just a part of their well-rounded liberal arts education.  And, besides, Lightning McQueen's rumbling exhaust never sounded so good, and for such a bargain price!


China Dreams said...

Sasha just might be a fashionista in the making. Don't worry about a subwoofer in an old VW van-the liberal arts Baby Boomers are the same people with stock portfolios and blackberries today. The Times They Are a-Changin', right?

The pawn shop isn't that bad. My dad used to take us to pick the dump. He'd get all excited about things like a used t.v. that had color-that meant a ring of color around the outside of the screen and maybe one other color-you know, yellow or pink faces for about a month before the color tube went. He would also come home with things like a pair of peacocks because someone threw them in to the deal, and how could he resist a deal like that? So we all had peacock feather headdresses to run around in.

Hope you liked the movie as well as the experience. We saw it Friday. Our son prefers Cars2; I prefer Cars.


Sara said...

Any chance you are looking to adopt a 50-something grandma (who just happens to conveniently live next door)? I want to go to the drive-in, eat pizza and churros!(Did someone forget the chocolate?) I would be good, I promise! You guys are awesome and I love your blog :)


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