Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Saturday Quotes

You know you're living the dream when you say the following:
Steve, will you check under the bed and make sure the dog didn't throw up?

Steve: [talking about summer reading] Sam, you should read the rest of the Great Brains - we only have two
Sam: Yeah, me and Mom!

Give that one a sec and read it though again - my son clearly has a great brain and a flair for subtlety!

And a series of quotes from Steve's new war against the birds who are eating our strawberries:

Steve: [sitting in his "robin blind" (aka the playset) watching for birds in the neighbor's yard that would dare have the audacity to come over into our berry patch] I see one.. Oh, that's a grouse
Jamie: No, that's a robin
Steve: [grabs the airsoft gun] Lock and load

Steve: When we come out tomorrow and find a dead bird under the netting... [considering reaction] then we'll know we've won

And then one from today:
Sasha: Daddy, Daddy, come quick! There's a robin in the yard! Shoot it, shoot it!

Great. I can't see this ending badly. But at least the berries are safe :)

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China Dreams said...

You crack me up! What a great post.



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