Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

There are so many things I love about Steve:  rugged good looks, makes a heck of a mojito, can ski circles around me, does all of the grocery shopping, leads our sons in the way of the Xbox, never misses a chance to ooh and aaah over Sasha's dress-of-the-day, gets up with WanYing at night (every night), feigns interest in family pictures because he knows it makes me happy, and even participates in Mommy and Me swim lessons...

...but the most amazing thing about Steve is that he actively seeks to lead our family on God's path. He lives out the truth that there is no greater adventure than the one God has envisioned for us, and I am astoundingly blessed with the privilege of following a man who's following Jesus.  Our lives are messy and chaotic and fun and never, ever dull and I think that's exactly the expansive living that we've all been created for.  Happy father's day to a man after God's own heart.

The boring pic of all of the kids smiling (except for Ben, who we all know is incapable of smiling on command)

I particularly like this shot because Sam has taken over my traditional role of giving Ben the evil-eye for not smiling

And, let's face it, this is the real us


Lou Ann said...

Lucky you Jamie and the kids too!

Happy Father's Day Steve!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

RyRy said...

You are all so very blessed.


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