Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Was Freezing

by Ben

Today I got baptized.  Getting baptized means that people know that you belong to Jesus.

I got baptized in a river of melted snow [Editor's note:  The Provo River].  It was on the brink of frozen.  But I don't realize that it's worth it now, but later I'll realize it was worth it.

It's so cool to have Pastor Scott, the man who dedicated Ben, also baptize him 8 years later!

I think this is the, "woah, that's cold!" face

This is the, "Mom, stop crying and taking pictures of me" face

Ben and Pastor Rich share their bestest cheesy-grins

And today on the not-so-bright news I was piggybaking Sasha when I did a faceplant on the ground and I'm gonna get a goose egg from it.


Ben said...

Молодетц, Бенчик! (Molodyets, Benchik!)

Marcia at Harvest said...

Totally cool - or should I say Totally COLD! I told Ben that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River - and that is a cold, snow melt river as well.

Glad you made a public stand for Jesus!

China Dreams said...

Congratulations! Love the cheese-y pair photo.



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