Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fashion Show!

Raising girls is such an undeniably different experience from raising boys. I have been repeatedly reminded, with stark clarity, this summer how differently our boys and girls express (not to mention groom) themselves. I have to beg the boys to change their clothes every two to three days. The girls go through two to three outfits per day.

Consider the following conversation in our home this week:
Mommy: Girls, do you want to go shopping with me?
Sasha: What kind of shopping?
Mommy: Clothes shopping
Sasha and WanYing: [squeals of delight] Yeah, yeah, yeah (WanYing echos). Can we get something special for me?
Sasha to Ben: Ben, we going shopping with Mommy
Ben: [interested in what's causing the excitement] Mom, where are you going?
Mommy: Gymboree
Ben: Uh [walks away]

Well, the three Morningstar girls had a delightful time using up our Gymbucks and getting something special for everybody. And, of course, as soon as we returned home each outfit had to be modeled for Daddy, bedtimes be damned!

If you're confused about the open mouths in these shots, it's because the girls kept chanting, "fashion show!" as they posed upon the playset. And, yes, the playset had to be scaled in order to properly show off each outfit. No other catwalk could possibly suffice.

I have to admit, I do like a good fashion show. The whole experience reminds me of my own childhood when I got a new set of hand-me-downs from my super-cool cousins and spent the next days happily constructing and showing off daring new styles.

It's simply fabulous delighting with the girls in how special and beautiful they are, even if it does multiply the laundry pile.


Laura García said...

Son adorables!!!
Comparto con ellas el amor por la ropa ;)
Se las ve preciosas y felices.

con cariño,
They are adorable!
I share with them the love of clothes)
You can see them beautiful and happy.

with love,

minime0910 said...

Your girls are soooo cute :-) We love Gymbo too, it's so fun to dress up a little princess! Erin

Mary said...

So beautiful!! I have two boys now, and can't WAIT to have a fashion show of our own when we get our baby girl home! Thank goodness for Gymbucks!

Lou Ann said...

Way too cute!! I love love love the ladybugs and the dresses are cute too! I might have to make a trip to Gymbo as it's not usually my cup of tea. The Morningstar girls have changed my mind.

Looks like you are all having a fabulous summer. Hope to see you again sometime when you head west!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

China Dreams said...

They both look beautiful! And yes, there is a big difference between raising boys and girls.


swagvault said...

You are a great fashion mum! Your girls are so adorable.Love them!!!!!!!!


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