Monday, July 4, 2011

Amazing Feats

I don't know who to blame for this... but the frontrunners are Ben's recently advanced age and CrossFit. Either way, this is awesome.




Steve thinks I shouldn't be encouraging such things. He's probably right - Ben rode his bike to the local fireworks store today while the rest of us walked and, since he had extra time on his hands before our arrival, he decided to try climbing one of the giant light posts in the grocery store parking lot. He was halfway up by the time we saw him and urged him down.

The teen years may be challenging...


Erin Martin said...

That is funny! Our 9-year-old son does the same thing!

Laura García said...

Ben es increible!
Espero que esteis disfrutando de las vacaciones de verano, yo he tenido un mes muy ocupado pero ya estoy más teniendo más tiempo libre para disfrutar.

Saludos para toda la familia.

Con cariño,


Ben is amazing!
Hope you are enjoying summer vacation, I've had a busy month but I'm more having more free time to enjoy.

Greetings to all the family.



China Dreams said...

Wow! (and this is only the beginning)



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