Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrating Ben's Birthday

In celebration of Ben's 8th birthday, we took a gaggle of friends to Seven Peaks (our local waterpark).  It was a super-fun celebration of our super-fun kid, and all the more enjoyable for all because we're in that miraculously wonderful stage when kids get old enough to go romp in the park alone with occasional check-ins!  Being 8 has it's perks.

The boys had a ton of fun, and sunglasses ended up being the perfect party favor

Click on this one and zoom in to see Ben's priceless expression of sheer terror.  Daddy bribed him to try the slide with an extra two hours of play time :)

I had a great time hanging out with my girls

WanYing puts her feet up in the lazy river (those swimmies are awesome!  I'm a total believer)

Dinner time! Pizza, of course (is there any other meal ever served at kids' birthday parties?)

My little Sunshine

And since we couldn't bring a cake into the park, and they don't sell them there (this seems like poor planning on their part to me), we improvised with a pile o' churros!  Ben was thrilled - this may become a tradition.

The churros were a huge hit, although Sasha and WanYing just licked the cinnamon sugar off and left the donut part :)

Happy birthday Ben!

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