Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Fall Break - Arches National Park

It all started with an email we received about a month ago from the boys' school (a wonderful school, but not always completely together on the details if you know what I mean) explaining that there was a mixup in the school calendar and Fall Break was actually the week after the dates published in the calendar. This was problematic for the Morningstar family, since we already had our Disneyland reservations for the incorrectly published earlier dates. So, this year, the Morningstars enjoyed two consecutive long weekends away!

Unfortunately, having already been gone the week before, another few days away from work wasn't going to work out for lame-o breadwinner Mommy, so super-intrepid Daddy took our pack down to Moab for a few days!

I think that they really mourned my absence, as evidenced by this conversation upon their return:
Mommy: Did you miss me while you were in Arches, Sam?
Sam: Umm... uuuhhh... I better not answer that

Ah, that Sam, always the charmer.

My pack was well cared for by several other church families who all met up at our favorite Moab campground and, judging by the pictures, they did limp along fairly well without me :)

They did all of the requisite favorite Arches family activities:
Leaping from high heights

Running down sand hills

Looking adorable

And lots of hiking (we always get more hiking photos of the little ones since they're generally tethered to us)

And, best of all, they all returned home safe and sound and reasonably sane.

We should do this two fall break thing more often...


Mary said...

It's so wonderful and inspiring to see how much you all take advantage of the beauty around you. Looking forward to arranging a hike WITH the Morningstars on our next trip out west!

China Dreams said...

Looks like they had a great time. Sorry you had to miss it.



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