Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disney World: Assorted Adorableness

As you've probably gleaned from the previous few posts, we had a truly fantastic trip to Disney World.  Really sweet time with family (immediate and extended), plenty of princessy magic, great food, fabulous rides, decent weather (cool, but still sunny!) - it was everything we hoped for.  Here are the remaining "best of" shots and memories.  Enjoy!
We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside, which is right next to the Port Orleans French Quarter, which serves beignets, which Ben loves to eat and wear.
The boys and Daddy are currently reading Tom Sawyer, so going to Tom Sawyer's Island in the Magic Kingdom was quite the thrill.  I do not understand, however, why gang signs were required.
Love that dumbo!
Sasha loved the Barnstormer
This is how Minnie Mouse stands for photos :)
Sasha instructs Cousin Abby on proper "Minnie Mouse pose" hand and foot placement
Sasha checks under Ariel's skirts to verify for herself that the mermaid has feet.  This wasn't embarrassing at all for the rest of us, of course.  Ariel took it all with princesy grace.
Impaled Mickey Heads are a family favorite
Really, we take the Mickey heads seriously in our family (note Steve's shirt)
We're not sure that the rhino was supposed to get quite so close on the Animal Kingdom Safari
All four kids got good luck panda umbrellas in Epcot's China, complete with their names written in Chinese! Writing WanYing's was considerably easier than "Samuel" for the shopkeeper :)
Pile o' cousins
We couldn't pass a princess without getting her autograph and photo
The Kim Possible attraction at Epcot was awesome!  We had so much fun using our "communicators" to solve mysteries throughout the world showcase.
Ben took the secrecy part of the Kim Possible missions a little more seriously than the rest of us.  Here's his best spy pose.
Sasha shows Gramma all of her assorted character signatures in autograph book 2
The new Toy Story ride in Hollywood Studios was really fun
Strange how we always manage to get lost in New York...
And a good time was had by all!

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