Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

We started a little slow this year, what with our epic early-December Disney trip and all, but I am pleased to announce that we are now fully decorated, and all before Christmas Eve!

I admit a little jealousy at my east coast friends' photos of happy and unhappy children traipsing through the cut-your-own-tree farms. That is one of the things I miss about Maryland... still, there is a certain delightful ease to heading down to the garden store, selecting a tree, and being over and done in 15 minutes.  One of these years we'll go get a Forest Service permit to head into the wilds of Utah and cut our own tree, but this was not the year.

Sam considers, "could this tree be the one?"

Alas, no, the tree is rejected

Sasha echos the tree's rejection - they are harsh tree critics

But we did eventually agree on a tree

Honestly, Steve and I were just planning to get the lights up that evening and save ornaments for another day, but our children could not be swayed!

My favorite part was hearing them recite over and over again, "oh, do you remember this ornament?  This brings back so many happy memories!"  I don't know how they remember ornaments from my childhood, but apparently they are intimately connected to each and every one.

Ta dah!  The tree is fully decorated (from 4 1/2 feet on down)

Sasha's holiday cheer extended to Church on Sunday where she masterfully led the congregation in Joy to the World (between waves to Mom and Dad and exclamations of, "I see my mommy!")

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Laura said...

That's a pretty handsome little boy Sasha is singing next to!


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