Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How I Spent My Christmas

This year we decided to try something different - we opened gifts on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we hit the slopes!
Grammy, Buddy, and Sam pose above the clouds

Mommy kicks up a heel

Sam is totally rockin' it on his new skis!

And after skiing we came home to Christmas pot roast.  The kids were really into it.

Sam just loved the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Dried Corn

At least Sasha ate enthusiastically!

Perhaps it is possible to watch A Christmas Story too many times...

But she did a heck of a job showing us how the little piggies eat!

And after dinner, our traditional reenactment of the real Christmas Story.  Once again, Sasha is foiled in her attempts to crawl into the stable with Baby Jesus.

Sasha embraces her role as the triumphant messenger angel

And the shepherds are so terrified that they are simply a blur to the camera.
 Only one Mary Head and two Donkey Legs were harmed in the (re)making of this holiest of nights.


China Dreams said...

Very funny post :-)

Happy New Year,

Scott and Paula said...

As usual, awesome photos!! =)

If Sasha ever comes for a visit to Cleveland, we will take her to the Christmas Story house. It's awesome!! =)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Morningstar Famiy!


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