Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ski Season Begins

Wahoo - ski season is upon us! We spent a lovely day up at Solitude exercising our ski legs and confirming once again that our family was born to ski together. And, for the first time, Sasha even did some highly successful ski toddling. Just one more unnecessary but awfully fun confirmation of her Morningstarness :)

Sam got a brand spanking new pair of skis this year. Here are his reflections on their inaugural day: "I really like my skis. They're called Gotamas. I like them a lot because they're really good skis. They were the best skis for my size in the shop. They are twin tips and especially made for powder. I liked them a lot. They were really fun to ski on."

The ski shop guy was equally enthused about Sam's new skis. When he called to tell us the mounting was finished, he couldn't help but throw in, "As shop manager, you just need to know that these are the only reverse camber junior skis out there. They're the sickest junior skis on the mountain."

This was a fortunate comment, because I do judge ski purchasement predominantly on sick factor. Apparently Steve chose well (duh).
Ah, Ben, never boring
Mommy and Ben share a self portrait on the ski lift
Ben had a great day of skiing as well - he held the day's record at 10 runs!
I love this photo - 1 because I love this adorable girl, and 2 because she's happily wearing the hat we purchased for her in Kazakhstan!
Sash had a blast toddling around on her skis
Oh, dear, the "sassy sister" pose strikes again!  We are in so much trouble when she becomes a truly sassy teenager!


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

absolutely love the family photo...y'all are one good looking crew!

marymary said...

You know this, but those pics of Sasha are extra super cute.

China Dreams said...

Wow-you really are in the midst of winter already-we had a gorgeous fall day here in the East, and still brown and gold.


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