Monday, November 29, 2010

The 33rd Birthday that Refused to be Photographed

Sunday was Steve's birthday - Happy Birthday, Baby!  We had a delightful day, with presents in the morning, a movie in the afternoon, ice cream cake with friends in the evening... and you wouldn't know any of that by the terrible photos (and lack of photos) we have from the day.  Sigh.

Here at Morningstar Happenings we pride ourselves on good photography and pithy commentary on adorable subjects.  But, alas, for Steve's 33rd birthday, we fell short.  As such, we proudly present The Birthday the Refused to be Photographed:
Ok, the backlight isn't totally my fault - when you get 8" of snow on your birthday morning, it's hard to avoid a little backlight.  Note my son eating the ever-so-healthy Little Cesars pizza for breakfast.
Steve unwraps while Sasha attempts to flee with the biggest gift.  The biggest crime here is clearly Sasha's stripes-on-stripes outfit.  She picked it out herself.
Foiled in her attempts at birthday thievery, Sasha thrusts the gift upon Steve.  This is Steve catching the thrown present, but it looks like he's making an offering to the Toddler Goddess.
Terrible photography aside, Steve had a very happy birthday. We all look forward to the wonders and adventures that the next 33 years hold!


China Dreams said...

Glad it was a good day; not every great moment gets captured on film, right?

Stephanie and Gary said...

I am a huge photo taker and in recent months have been lax. I don't beat myself up about it only because I feel I am more present these days rather than later on lamenting the fact that I experienced an entire happy occasion through a two inch digital square. I'd say your birthday was probably happier in that you focused more on being *in* the moment! Happy birthday and many more!!


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